Is There Any Hope for the Gladiators This Year?

Cleveland tries to get their 2nd win of the season when they face the 4-3 Chicago Rush

An average fan might look at the Gladiators and think “1-5? This season is over; no way Cleveland makes the playoffs”. Well, let me throw some hope at the great fans of Cleveland- In 2007 The Tampa Bay Storm started the year 0-5 and in the next two weeks became 1-6. Care to guess how they ended the year? If you said 9-7 and the #3 seed in the National Conference you are correct.

Don’t give up hope Cleveland, The Gladiators are in the weakest division in the AFL and at 1-5 they are actually in second place behind the first place Philadelphia Soul (3-3). There are currently only two out of seven teams in the American Conference that have records above .500 (Sharks 6-1 and Storm 5-3).

One of the biggest problems thus far for Head Coach Steve Thonn is how the defense has performed, “The biggest thing again, we have to put pressure on their quarterback. They have a young quarterback who hasn’t played much.” Thonn said. He is of course referring to Rush QB Carson Coffman, who played with the Utah Blaze last year never getting a start. This year Coffman has thrown for 1,619 yards 130-220, 35TDs and 7INTs.

The biggest worry for Cleveland should be Chicago’s start WR Reggie Gray who is 1st in the league in yards with 812 and 2nd for TDs with 20. He’s 5’11” 170lbs and can flat out fly. They need to look out for number 1 when he’s in motion he will burn you deep.

The players can’t do it without you Cleveland! You have to go to the games and cheer them on, get loud when they’re on defense! Show our opponents what it’s like to be in the Gladiators house! “Prepare for Glory” 


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