Goodman Shines in Loss to the Sharks but Cleveland Continues to Struggle


Gladiators star wide receiver Dominick Goodman dominated the passing attack, bringing in 3TDs and 118 yards of offense, but they couldn’t find a way to win this one losing 66-49 against Jacksonville.

Cleveland’s defense doesn’t look like the team they did in years past with a line that blew up the QB and a ball-hawking secondary. Instead, they have struggled to get turnovers with only 3 fumble recoveries, 0 interceptions and their defense rank at the bottom of the AFL.

The amount of penalties in this game was staggering, it’s hard to tell just how fair the referees were being, but Cleveland better go back to the tapes and work on better discipline.

The offense isn’t much better with starting QB Brian Zbydniewski at the helm. Against the Sharks he went 19-of-40 for 244 yards and five touchdowns, that’s less than half of his pass attempts completed. He showed some flashes of greatness connecting on a few touch passes, but he also seems to have some trouble with crossing patterns and deep ball accuracy. “Winning solves all problems in sports, if you win it makes everything fun; it makes practice fun, it makes preparation better.” Zbydniewski said.

This team needs a spark and they need it now, Goodman has been about the only consistent playmaker the Gladiators have had this season. With next week being a bye week, Cleveland will have an extra week to prepare for the 2-1 Philadelphia Soul who lead the division right now. This is a definition of a must win. If Cleveland can find a way to win it would put them in second place in a weak division.


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